Creditors meeting booked!!

I have recently contacted Payplan for helpĀ who I must say have been very helpful throughout and very understanding. I talked to them about all the debt I owed and how I could not manage anymore and they went through my options with me. I decided an IVA was the best option for me and Payplan quickly drafted the paperwork and within a month of initially contacting them I now have a date for my creditors meeting which is the 3rd September 2013 at 15:30pm. I’m really worried that my creditors won’t accpet the proposal though and I don’t know what I will do if they don’t and how I will manage. I know I could always do a DMP after but I don’t want to spend years being hassled by my creditors and I have been told that if my creditors do not agree to freeze interest if I do a DMP then it will take 10-11 years to clear my debts!! very worried about the creditors meeting, doubt I’ll get any sleep the night before! NatWest are my biggest creditor and therefore if they say no then my IVA will be rejected. Any boday have any experiances they can share with me? or any advice to give?

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